Achievements and Leaderboard for Humble version

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Achievements and Leaderboard for Humble version

Post by MichaelP on Mon 23 Jun - 10:28


If you have purchased Out There via Humble Widget or Humble Store, you can now login into G+ to get achievements and post your score in the leaderboard starting version 1.04.2.
You can download the APK from with the key you received when you purchased Out There.

In some cases, the Humble Android app won't let you download the latest version unless you follow this steps.
Warning : this process will delete your score and savings.

1) Uninstall completely Out There from your device.

2) Open Humble app.

3) Touch the menu icon (top-right) and select "Advanced"

4) Select "Reset Download DB"

5) Go back to the game library and download Out There.

6) Install Out There.

7) Launch the game and login into G+ with the G+ button on the title screen.


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