Interferometer Readout Misprinting on Screen & spelling issues

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Interferometer Readout Misprinting on Screen & spelling issues

Post by Steve-O on Wed 26 Nov - 19:18

I've noticed an issue while playing this game where the system readout (the pop up that appears when you're selecting a star to travel to) will sometimes become a permanent fixture in the top left corner of the screen. I'm playing on an iPod touch 4th gen.

I haven't pinned down exact steps to reproduce yet, but it only seems to happen if I have telescope, interferometer and ansible built on my ship. Once the text appears in the corner, it remains no matter what screen I'm on. While orbiting planets, talking to aliens, etc - even on the main menu screen if I quit the game! The only way to make it go away is to shut down the app and re-launch.

If I can figure out a reliable way to make it happen, I'll update the post, but I'm really hoping this can be fixed in the Omega edition, because I find it very annoying! =)

While we're on the subject of bugs, I've noticed a few posts about how the spelling and grammar in the game could use some work. I've noticed the same thing myself, and I was just wondering if there was some way I could help out? Like, somewhere I can send corrections as I find them or something? Or would the developers prefer to handle it themselves, internally?

Of the languages available in the game, I only really know English well enough to help out in this regard.


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Re: Interferometer Readout Misprinting on Screen & spelling issues

Post by MichaelP on Wed 3 Dec - 10:49

Hi Steve-O
Thanks fro your feedback.
We're using a new engine for the Ω edition, meaning that we re-built the game from the ground.
So most of those annoying bugs from the classic version should be gone.
Concerning the english localization, we had the chance to work with a writer working on the next Deus Ex at Eidos.
He rewrote all the english version so it will be perfect for Ω Edition.


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