Uncomplete (but validated) cryptonomicon and galaxian successes.

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Uncomplete (but validated) cryptonomicon and galaxian successes.

Post by Esdeve on Tue 26 May - 4:07

I had both of theses two successes during the same game. Thought, I'm pretty sure I did'nt already encountered all aliens, nor, this time absolutely sure, learned all the words since after validation, I haden't at minimum, oxygen, cobalt and platine translated to human laguage.

Since your game have new aliens (and maybe words/ressources ?) added with omega edition, are you sure you added all of them to the successes ?

If the reason is not the same for "cryptonomicon", and it's not a "steam succes" actualisation problem, I thought that after validating the succes, I may have forgotten words if it is possible. In that case, I think I could not re-learned them since a successfull exchange or event never learned me anymore words later.

Successes bugs ? Oversights ? "Re-learning" or word replacement bug ?


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