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Become the King of Enemy! Strategy spoiller

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Become the King of Enemy! Strategy spoiller Empty Become the King of Enemy! Strategy spoiller

Post by foxcheng Fri 14 Mar - 11:49

Just finished the blue ending, just throw a death seed into their sun, then they become homeless and worship me as their king, haha..

Some tips for easy survive Smile
1, Drill 10 and Probe 10, you will get the max resources everytime, dont worry if equipment break or destroy, low cost to repair even rebuild it. Sometimes if you drill 10, you will get your fuel full, lol

2, Dont rush too far at early game, explore all nearby system to learn language, land all rocky star and garden to learn tech, discover better ship. When you learned subspace, gravity well, death seed and wormhole, then you can proceed to blue and red ending. Tau travel tech also very good Smile

3, Ultraprobe and Sheild generator are both a must, then fuel will not be a problem! If you want to survive red ending, you must spare Oxygen20, even with best ecosystem tree ship.

4,If you need slot to install something but dont want to drop essential resource, you can drill 1 on rocky planet, then free slot to install desire device. This help me a lots!

All the best to all fellow players, thanks dev for making this game with great music and concept ^_^ This game is very hard for beginner, but now I can make it to at least green ending everytime.
Thanks for reading Smile


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Become the King of Enemy! Strategy spoiller Empty Re: Become the King of Enemy! Strategy spoiller

Post by piechdibi Fri 14 Mar - 17:49

Congrats, I've just finished the blue ending this afternoon !
I'm going to do the red one and then green one now Smile

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