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Use of Omega (spoilerish)

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Use of Omega (spoilerish) Empty Use of Omega (spoilerish)

Post by piechdibi Fri 14 Mar - 18:06

I'm trying to understand how to use properly the Omega element:
- It gives 25 of any ressource in your ship.
- It's used for the Wormhole Generator, the Death Seed, and the Life Seed.

BUT: It's only used once for the Wormhole, and then you can travel as many times as you want in any Black Hole, which is pretty neat.
On the other hand, you need 1 Omega for each Star that you destroy or each planet that you transform. This feels weird since you can't really get that many Omega in the game: I perhaps got 5 last time I played -and won the Blue ending, but it was very hard since it's totally random and at some point the Garden planets are all invaded...

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