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About jump distances in the endgame

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About jump distances in the endgame Empty About jump distances in the endgame

Post by True_poser Sat 15 Mar - 1:48

As all of you know, distance between stars as you move on becomes bigger and bigger.
It is explained in the backstory and so on.

At some time your initial ship won't be able to jump to any yet unexplored star.

I see this as a problem, because it turns the hardcore game (with a teeny-tiny excess of micromanagement) into a lucky run.

I am ok with dying from a stray asteroid, I should have fixed that hull two jumps ago.
I'm not ok with suddenly hitting a dead end just because I wasn't lucky enough to find a powerful ship or tech, I can't do anything about it.

I suggest two mutually exclusive proposals:
1) generate the starmap in such a way that the existance of a path for stock jump radius is guaranteed (also it'll make that ship with cross-shaped 10 squares useful - at the moment using it is like choosing a race car to survive in a zombie apocalypse)
2) give a player an option to "retire" on a garden planet with SAIS-like variable ending text


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About jump distances in the endgame Empty Re: About jump distances in the endgame

Post by JennyWeb Sun 16 Mar - 6:36

The solution is simply rigorous exploration from the beginning. Assuming my spacefaring career isn't cut short by cruel fate near the beginning, I can consistently find the technology to extend my jump range well before it becomes necessary. Whether that technology remains in working order, or the ship I have is adequate in other regards is a different matter.

I do agree, I would like some kind of garden world retirement option. I often do this when luck runs out anyway. I might also fly into a star or black hole, which would also be a nice end game selection too.


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