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End game summary bug?

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End game summary bug? Empty End game summary bug?

Post by IHateDecaf Fri 28 Mar - 0:13

After I finish a game, I think there's a bug with the screen that reports your final score and summarizes your accomplishments. I believe that when it reports how many times you used the life seed (planets terraformed) it instead tells you the number of times you used the death seed (stars destroyed). The reverse seems to be true as well. In case it makes a difference, I have the iOS version and have seen this bug on both on the iPad and on an iPod Touch. I play the game in English, on the off chance that it differs in the French wording.

By the way, I'm extremely pleased by how well this game plays on older devices such as the original iPad and 4th gen iPod Touch. I've played for at least 20 hours, and have yet to experience a crash or any kind of lag. Nice work, and thanks for such an enjoyable game.


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