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Bet the game unexpectedly (spoilers)

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Bet the game unexpectedly (spoilers) Empty Bet the game unexpectedly (spoilers)

Post by molydeus Wed 2 Apr - 22:18

Just finished Out There with the red ending (finished previously with green and blue ending). It was very surprising because I reached the red system with a good ship but no Omega left (Thank to Dead People) and no Co or Au. But then... I was lucky. Thanks to the ultraprobe, a good random encounter (+1 Omega) and a homeworld not occupied by the enemy I did it! Thanks to mi-clos team for this great game. It's a fun mix between old school and modern games.


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Bet the game unexpectedly (spoilers) Empty Re: Bet the game unexpectedly (spoilers)

Post by MichaelP Thu 17 Apr - 16:22

Thanks for your feedback !!!


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