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Some UI, some gameplay and some grammar suggestions

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Some UI, some gameplay and some grammar suggestions Empty Some UI, some gameplay and some grammar suggestions

Post by Maksiik Wed 16 Apr - 6:51

Fantastic game! Thank you!

I have just a couple of things that I find quite grating. (Like sand in an otherwise amazing clam chowder.):

The "Skip space folding animation" button... doesn't... skip... anything...

Allow player to move modules around within his own ship and between ships.

Create a "mixed elements" bay where you can store a couple of units of multiple different elements, maybe at a penalty so it can only store up to 5 or 10 units total. Use the "split" dialog to get them back apart.

Allow refueling/repairing the ship from the mining results screen.
It's silly that you can disassemble a component to make room but not put some hydrogen into the gas tank from this screen! just don't hide the fill/repair controls and it's fixed!

Also, add a little right arrow button next to each mining result square to one-click-load the contents into your inventory instead of having to drag.

Add double arrow buttons to the mining depth gauge to allow it to be set to 1 or 10 in one tap.

Please make it clearer in the descriptions that stars can not be mined without the ultraprobe and that the wormhole generator uses omega.

Add some sort of icons over which stars you've visited that have life/gas/rock planers and a derelict/station (and occupiers later on).

Couple of grammar corrections:
"Gaz clouds, rainbow colored close in on my ship" should say "Gas", and the third choice "wave in peace" I think was supposed to say "leave"?

"dislocated an equipment I have to fix now" should say "a piece of equipment"

Gravitational sails description: delete the word "quite" as well as *the" in "the huge masses" and change *increases greatly" to "greatly increases"

change "hurted" to "hurt"

drop the "An" in "An equipment needs repairing"

Thorium description: drop "That" or replace it with "A"

Tau stasis description: change last sentence to "Greatly increases the range of the space folder"

change "the ship went in a wrong direction" to "the ship made a bad (or wrong) turn"


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Some UI, some gameplay and some grammar suggestions Empty Re: Some UI, some gameplay and some grammar suggestions

Post by MichaelP Thu 17 Apr - 16:18

Thanks for your feedback Smile


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