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[Calculator] Ship Layout and Permalink

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[Calculator] Ship Layout and Permalink Empty [Calculator] Ship Layout and Permalink

Post by gdarussian Tue 27 May - 7:46

Link: http://jsfiddle.net/ePD4a/show/

Shows you the different ship layouts and their stats. Lets you customize the tech on your ship and shows the cost of creating those changes, as well as the total repair costs and dismantle return for your ship.

[Calculator] Ship Layout and Permalink 2r2tyxl

How to setup so that it matches your in-game or hypothetical ship:

  1. Select your ship from the list
  2. Click on existing tech to remove it
  3. Click on empty slots to set the tech of your choice
  4. Click reset when ship matches your configuration; this resets the needed resources, so you can see how much you'll need if you add new tech after the current config
  5. Click undo if you mess up, rather than just removing/readding the tech; this way the needed resources will be updated correctly
  6. If you don't have a pre-requisite tech, the current tech will show in red
  7. If you place a tech near its pre-requisite, they will show up in blue (like in the game)

Finally, after you've made the ship of your dreams, share it with all your friends using the permalink on the bottom, like this:

Please note: I know the yellow power/res/eco bars are wrong. Well, sometimes they're right. But I haven't quite figured out how much you get from what tech. If anyone knows the right values for those, I can add them in.

And if you find bugs or have any ideas or suggestions, lemme know!

Oh I should also mention that I got the images and some initial data from wiiare.in/portfolio-type/out-there-faq-all-ships-and-technology/
>.>  <.<  Please don't sue me, ktnx.

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[Calculator] Ship Layout and Permalink Empty Re: [Calculator] Ship Layout and Permalink

Post by gdarussian Wed 28 May - 20:23

New feature: Figure out how much it'll cost to swap to another ship

How to use:
1) Create the ship you're moving to in the calc
2) Copy its Permalink URL
3) Switch to the ship you're currently on (create if needed)
4) Paste the other ship's Permalink in the bottom section

[Calculator] Ship Layout and Permalink 124y7x1


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