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Timeline (major spoilers)

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Timeline (major spoilers) Empty Timeline (major spoilers)

Post by gdarussian Mon 2 Jun - 0:15


Here's the timeline of the major events in the Out There universe, as best as I can figure out, based on all three endings (assuming all of them can happen in one universe).

  1. You start a trip to Jupiter
  2. A malfunction causes you to stay in cryo and keep moving into outer space
  3. A future you arrives on Earth and gives humans technology
  4. Humans create star iron
  5. Some humans leave earth and eventually become the death people
  6. The architects destroy the sun
  7. Millions or billions years later, you wake up, and the star iron calls to you
  8. The architects notice you and call to you
  9. You are attacked by the death people
  10. You arrive at the architect station and they tell you they destroyed the sun (green ending)
  11. You arrive at the star iron station and they tell you about the fate of the humans (red ending)
  12. You go to the death people system and destroy their sun, thus becoming their king
  13. You ravage the universe for a while, but never find a place for your people
  14. You go back to the architect station and destroy their sun
  15. You travel through the wormhole to old earth. Go to 3

What do you think?


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Timeline (major spoilers) Empty Re: Timeline (major spoilers)

Post by Admin Fri 6 Jun - 22:50

Hi !

Thanks for the timeline, this is great.

The 3 endings are supposed to enlighten about the whole background but of course none is really canon. There may be other endings later...

However here are some precisions :

1) The humans depart from earth whether the "future you" goes back to earth
2) This is a forced departure due to the use of the death seed by the judges/architects on our sun
3) The cube Iron Star and the cube stations are the legacy of the human civilization lost in space that didn't evolve into the ravaging death people, but they have apparently died now

There is a lot more in the universe of Out There, such as creatures living in the gas planets (The Mists), a Galactic Library, Gods made out of Omega...

Thanks for playing.


And bonus, here's a monolog done by a human fleing Earth as it is destroyed by the death seed. It's an exerpt from an audio saga that never came out :-(

“It was a golden age, it was a dark age, a time of burning life and despair”

“And something hit our sun.”

“We don’t know why.”

“We don’t know even what happened.”

“Beings able to submit the power of a star must be so powerful that their nature and their motivations are beyond our understanding.”

“Do we care about the tiny things living in the ground we plow ?”

“The annihilation of our civilization was a collateral damage, insignifiant…”

“Our world was doomed.”

“In a hurry, we built great arks to save us…”

“Desperate attempts...”

“...some almost impossible.”

“To increase the chance of survival, each ark was heading towards a different direction.”

“My name is Darius and I am the last one to get in cryostasis onboard the Europa Ark, a vessel holding more than five hundreds thousands of men.”

“For a travel of one million years.”


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