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Post by ScarPixel Tue 10 Jun - 19:07

Hi there, love the game. I have gotten two endings and look forward to getting the third.

What I would love to see in an update.

1. Ability to use probed elements directly. This would have two nice effects. Most immediate, it's frustrating to have to ditch valuable resources simply because you forgot to free up some slots before probing. A longer-term benefit would allow seasoned players to live hand-to-mouth, as it were. Meaning you can fill up your ship with systems and then rely on probing to refuel or repair your hull.

2. In my most recent run I accidentally used the two Death Seeds, and thus two Omegas. Once you get the Death Seed, the button to use it is placed in the same spot that the Probe button used to be. Muscle memory built up from the early game made me tap the button accidentally. Super frustrating. I would recommend moving the Death Seed button higher up the screen. Similarly for Life Seed.

3. Make the star map remember about planets, ships, and space stations that I've visited. It's super frustrating to know you found platinum in the past, but have no record of where it was. It would also help remember which space stations heal which attribute. Make it an upgrade if you must, though I don't think that's necessary since I could just as easily write the info down on paper.


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My suggestions Empty Re: My suggestions

Post by MichaelP Tue 17 Jun - 20:46

Thanks for your interesting suggestions!

1. There are no plans to change the probing/drilling process because, hey, it's a management game after all Wink
Choosing what to keep and what to drop is part of the game.

2. Adding a confirmation window before using the Death Seed would be a nice addition as well.

3. This would completely break the game balance so I can tell you it won't change. Also, you can use the scan to check available resources on a given planet.


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My suggestions Empty Re: My suggestions

Post by AlexTFish Fri 17 Oct - 10:41

I agree it'd be nice if the Life Seed / Death Seed buttons didn't appear in the slot where "Probe" used to be.

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My suggestions Empty Re: My suggestions

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