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My suggestions Empty My suggestions

Post by Morrrphium Wed 16 Jul - 23:08

Hello everyone,

I really enjoy this game and played it a lot so far. Here are my suggestions and be aware there are MINOR SPOILERS.

Suggested changes:

- the smallest ship, considering cargo slots, should be buffed. I think it is called "Fleche", its cargo slots form a cross. I know that it already has good stats regarding power and ecosystem but I think that this is not enough to make the Fleche competitive. I suggest even better power stats and maybe less ecosystem to keep it balanced. It would turn an emergency vessel in desperate situations into a good ship in the early game.

New Features:

- a cloaking device technology. the build device allows to visit planets that are occupied by the enemy. the device uses Omega like the death/life seed. It allows probing or landing on an occupied planet. The usage of Omega and of one cargo slot balances the device in my opinion. The technology itself is obtained like any other non-basic technology.

- specialized mining ships. This feature should make back-tracking more rewarding. Mining ships are ships like all the others but with 2 key differences. first the mining ships have only 6 to 8 cargo slots which are completely isolated from each other. Second they allways have mining equipment. the mining equipment is composed of an interplanetary reactor a drill and its enhancement or a hydrogen probe and an ultra probe. Mining ships would never be competitive because of the small amount and the isolation of their cargo slots.

that's all. thanks for reading Smile


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My suggestions Empty Re: My suggestions

Post by MichaelP Thu 17 Jul - 1:38

Your suggestions are quite interesting.
I like the cloaking device Smile
Maybe it will make it into the game???
We'll see.


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