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tips for the beta

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tips for the beta Empty tips for the beta

Post by ozubkoj Tue 21 Jan - 7:34

I know that there is more to come in the full game so I won't offer too many suggestions here yet, however I will say that this game has a lot of potential and so far the beta has been a nice into into the isolated universe of out there. That said, I've beaten the beta a few times and thought I'd offer up some tips based on my experience...

1/ don't explore every planet - it's tempting to orbit or land on every planet but don't. It's a waste of resources. Only visit a planet if you need it's resources, i.e. if you're low on fuel make a point to visit fuel planets. If you're low on minerals visit a mineral world. But don't go to every planet just cause

2/ fuel is your most important resource. Try to get at least 2 full squares of He (worth 4 fuel per resource). A third never hurts. If you have to take H that's fine, but get as much as you can (at least 3 squares if you only have H). Always use H first to power your engines since it frees up space in your cargo hold

3/ when you probe for fuel, don't stop after the first probe. It takes fuel and oxygen to orbit a planet so make it worth your while. Probing for fuel only uses fuel, so as long as for each time you probe you get the amount of fuel you spent plus a bit more, you made the right call. E.g. if you spend 5 fuel to probe and get at least 3 H (worth 6 fuel total) or 2 He (worth 8 fuel) you came out ahead. When your probes stop providing much more fuel then stop and move on.

4/ always keep some iron on hand (just a bit of Si is good too since probes need it). If your drill breaks and you have no iron you pretty much just lost the game (you can salvage parts but usually you will get stranded as a result). Only repair your ship if you really need to or if you have excess iron. When you heal your ship, if you only have 1 square of iron split it first and heal with half of it. Iron is needed to repair a lot of things and rebuild key tools like drills and probes when they break so you always want at least 1 full square around

5/ don't worry too much about oxygen. It gets used up slowly and landing on any garden planet instantly refills you to maximum. Many space stations will also refill your oxygen. If you have room have 1 square of oxygen around but if you need the space then get rid of it. It's easy to come by

I think with those basic tips you should have no problem beating the beta and so you'll have a chance to explore the galaxy, meet aliens, and even find some new ships or technology. If anyone else has any tips I'd love to hear them Smile


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tips for the beta Empty Re: tips for the beta

Post by MichaelP Tue 21 Jan - 15:17

That's a great basic strategy guide! Thanks ozubkoj!


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