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Garden planet

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Garden planet Empty Garden planet

Post by Dave Bowman Wed 8 Jan - 4:38

Found my first garden planet. When I landed, I had three choices: drill, orbit, and encounter life. So I figured I'd drill first and meet the aliens second. Only problem was that after I drilled, the option to encounter life was gone! No amount of returning to orbit and landing again would bring it back. There was no warning of this and it was quite annoying.

By the way, I LOVE the game so far. The aesthetic is fantastic. It captures this lonely journey perfectly. Keep it coming! C'est très bien parti, les gars! Lâchez pas!

Dave Bowman

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Garden planet Empty Re: Garden planet

Post by MichaelP Thu 9 Jan - 8:55

Glad you like the game!
Thanks for reporting this bug, we'll work on it!


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