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Second stage of missions

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Second stage of missions Empty Second stage of missions

Post by archcrono Tue 10 Feb - 8:37

Here is the short version: Can you add a mission that you play after you complete a mission? PC gaming should take longer and go more in-depth then the more casual mobile counterparts.

On the Pacing end of things Tablets and phones tend to cater to more casual play and so having the game end the way it does makes sense because you can’t have the game take too long or the players lose interest. So far for mobile I don’t think that’s a problem. However PC’s are more capable than mobile so if I play a game here I expect more than a casual experience.

I’m talking more than just the graphics. I’m talking enough content to satisfy hours of a play through from beginning to successful end. Something like Star/Iron is dying and needs you to collect seven pieces of technology so Star/Iron can repair/build a successor. An enjoyable amount of time for one ‘level’ in a PC/Console game is about twenty minutes. So if it took 20 min. for seven trips that’s about 2 hours and thirty minutes of play. That would be great for a Pc version. It would be split up into seven manageable chunks that act like checkpoints. These are the points I would want to reach feeling satisfied I had accomplished something before leaving to do something else. Or if I die could restart from the checkpoint. Also it is short enough that I could blaze through the entire thing in a few hours. Plus in this setup you have a story driven reason to basically play the game seven times (maybe upping the ante a little each time.)

Ok, I realize that adjusting the game to accommodate all that is a tall order to fill. I like the game mechanics as they are all I’m really asking for is more story, or in the context of the game longer missions or missions you complete in a row (possibly chose your own adventure style.)

I feel like the PC gives you a great opportunity to allow us to really explore the universe you have created. Even little touches like adding voice acting to the Events/Logs would add so much to the experience. Bonus points for adding sound effects too.

However I was disappointed the first time I completed a mission because I assumed that by doing so it would unlock the next mission and I would be able to continue to completion the rest of the story. That’s not how the game works but it would be great if it did. Each mission has great potential for continuing the story. Even one mission to complete after the first one would be great when playing on a PC. I could lead the People/Death to earth, or lead them to Judges/Architect with People/Death knowing Judges/Architect destroyed earth.

For the record: I love the story, and I am very exited for the new mission.
Anyway, i hope this was even a little helpful and not all rambling.


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Second stage of missions Empty Re: Second stage of missions

Post by MichaelP Tue 24 Feb - 10:30

Hi archrono,
Thanks for your feedback. However, what you're asking will require to make big changes to the game and it is not planned this way.
I don't think Out There is a casual game as most people find it very difficult.
Also, we're going to add a new ending, even more difficult than the Star Iron mission. I'm sure you'll have an opportunity to challenge yourself.

Michael Peiffert
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