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Resources use/dividing/trashing.

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Resources use/dividing/trashing. Empty Resources use/dividing/trashing.

Post by Esdeve Sun 1 Mar - 20:18

Here is the remark beginning all what will follow :
When all ship's slots are filled, no dividing possible. If we want to repair/refuel/renew oxygen, we are only able to use the a whole pile of resource in the action, and the result is we have no leftover if the whole can be consumed ... Or I didn't find how to.

I understand and totally agree with the principle of the gameplay greatly focusing on the efficient management of what we posses, but not on the detail I just pointed above. So even without any free slot, I think we may have a quantity consumption choice when dragging and doping a resource on one of the three ship's functions, or trashing it in space.

Same for example for crafting. When having a pile of resource of the exact quantity needed, there may be a way crafting when theres no room left, as the contrary is possible (destroying an element giving Fe in a fully loaded ship will make the Fe appear in place of this element). So crafting a drill for 4x Fe, with a 4x pile of Fe, while not having any slots lefts and not having a drill may directly replace the pile with the newly crafted drill. If wanting to do it with a pile of more than 4, automatically trash the left over in space in the same time, or with what I said in the previous paragraph, to trash a selected quantity of resource before using this replace-pile type action.

For a technology using more than one ingredient, three exacts or non exacts piles piles of ingredients may be usable to craft this way, scarifying only the one we clicked on to craft, and keeping two others intact, minus what was consumed from them.

This may be directly done using the technologies list too, as a craft panel.

To avoid repeated round trip between harvest interface and inventory, as crafting from the first interface is already possible, we may be able to use oxygen/fuel/iron we already stocked IN our ship. Well, I confess the idea at the beginning was totally cheated : I and a friend already playing on phone planed to ask for the same but including the possibility of consuming newly gathered resources on the spot without any stocking stage, which will certainly make the game totally spoiled.

Thought this second version may be interesting if someone want to use a lot of technologies (which I don't know at all) in the same time, while having almost no more possibilities of stocking anything else and so, exposing himself to great hazard and totally dependent on the direct regain from harvest. Well I assume the real problem is not this possibility but that some of these technologies are what makes it viable and may permit in advanced game to turn this way of playing totally cheated. I can't judge if that'll be the case or not from what I know.

Regards to you uncommon, inspiring, and full of potential already done piece of work. A lot can be done with.


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