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Harvest and forget.

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Harvest and forget. Empty Harvest and forget.

Post by Esdeve Sun 1 Mar - 22:30

Well. I may appear as a complete idiot, but in the beginning, I usually simply forgot to transfer what I just harvested. Maybe because of some bad habits about automatic loot transfer from any other game I played before, whenever I don't play a lot anymore.

Assuming the truthfulness of my just-as-I'm-writing-self-built-from-scratch-theory saying that a specific type of idiot, like myself, is not a rarity and the only example of his own specie in the universe, it may be good for my kind to add a confirmation message if trying to leave the place or do a new harvest, when some of the last gathered resources are always available. This, making their loss, added to the cost of the harvest itself, a less common mistake.

Ps : An other idea for this screen is to add a "take all" button.


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