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Incoherent event result

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Incoherent event result Empty Incoherent event result

Post by Esdeve Mon 2 Mar - 13:58

I didn't copy the text because I couldn't foresee the problem. But this is the story :
I encountered an event with no choices in which I discover an artifact I can't take with me because of its size. The event pursue on the fact the character observe it from every angle, but the ship movement and accelerations disrupt the stability of the place which begin to crumble. The end is the character fleeing the place, the ship being scratched. Then appear the result window :

-Gain of a new technology, which I imagine is random (it was Stase Tau, if one event can't result of giving all technologies possible, it may help identify the one it was)
-And there, is the problem, while scratching my ship, the result window said it was REPAIRED. I didn't react directly, but the ship is effectively intact, so I imagine it's not only a text error.

It was on the french version, but I assume this doesn't depend of the language.

Ps : It reproduced with another one so must not be linked to the event itself. Dont' know if it is important but I think I encountered these two in quick game mode, since I was checking if there was any difference between the two modes. Don't remember if I already had this problem in normal mode.

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Incoherent event result Empty Re: Incoherent event result

Post by MichaelP Tue 3 Mar - 12:10

Hi Esdeve,
Thanks for your feedback.
We'll investigate this issue.


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