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Alien dialogs

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Alien dialogs Empty Alien dialogs

Post by Esdeve Thu 5 Mar - 23:26

I can't totally judge from what the beta let me know, but dialogs seems pretty rapidly predictable to players.
Just memorizing the number of words/line, words/sentence, if it's a question or affirmation, if it's first question/answer or 2nd etc may be sufficient.

After taking notes since his first game I think a player must be able to translate a lot of words before his character really learn them, or even without doing it, go check an already made spoil with dialog structures. What a pity if it keeps being possible latter in the adventure. What I'm sometimes dreaming of, is the existence of totally unspoilable games ^^ total OBSCURANTISM ^^

So amongst the solutions, there mays be :
-If not already the case in full game, more different dialogs to say the same thing/for the same goal.
-Different dialogs on different subjects/goals but same or almost same structure.
-Even less respect of the syntax, with variation of it. I don't have the sentence in english, but actually, for example there is a phrase as :
"We fear architects/judges."
Ok there is a dot, so it's no question. Why not let the possibility of having at random :
"Architect/judges We Fear"
Well ... Really primitive-like or Yoda speaking like isn't it ? But it keeps being a solution to gain in complexity. As long as "Architect/judge fear we" is not available because it may means the contrary of what we have to understand.


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Alien dialogs Empty Re: Alien dialogs

Post by Esdeve Sat 7 Mar - 2:11

Didn't experiment enough (and had a lot of chance).
So, sorry nothing to say about dialogs Wink
There are few dialogs "noticeable", and few real "rules" worth following to resolve them without learning some words. Thought, experience and spoilers may always help if some key words are learnt.


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Alien dialogs Empty Re: Alien dialogs

Post by Admin Thu 19 Mar - 16:54

Hi Esdeve,

As many things in Out There, alien dialogs are "a little bit" understandable when you know the game very well - this is how Out There is a game to be slowly mastered - but don't expect to fully understand everything in the first encounters.

I know myself the bits of dialogs very well for being the one who wrote them - and I played A LOT the game.

There are precise patterns that can be spotted (I won't tell of course), but some are deceptive, such as "X Y Z", meaning either "are you friend" or "or you foe". That's part of the risk management gameplay which Out There is.

Thank you very much for your feedback anyway, and be assured that we will talk about it in our next update talk with the team.



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Alien dialogs Empty Re: Alien dialogs

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