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Resolution problem

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Resolution problem Empty Resolution problem

Post by Esdeve Sun 5 Apr - 2:22

whether I play in full screen or not I got resolution problem :
Since ofiial release, I can"t see the entire game screen, part of it is off-screen. It's obvious the game screen is cut, but the major problem playing in the best resolutions is that I can't go into orbit with a star, since I'm not able to click on the button.

Resolution problem 1428192961
Resolution problem 1428192948

Remark, there is a little glitch too when decreasing resolution, I obtain an afterimage of precedent image size.

Edit : Strange. The first screen should be the one not entirely visible. Well it's the case there, we cant see the shell icon and what is further is cut, but it was even worst. Maybe the screen-shot captured it completely ? I couldn't even see the button. Restarting the game, having max resolution already selected, the screen is always cut, bu I can see the button, it's more like the screen. So the problem may be the changing of resolution while playing ?


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