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Post by rafalis Sat 18 Jul - 15:25

Hi all,
I played a lot to the android version and i bought again the pc version hopping some drawbacks of the phone version would vanish...Sadly not...
1) Why is the game so hard? I mean i love difficult game and challenges but here...I did a dozen of tries and each time i died under 8000 points because of bad luck on finding elements and taking damage way too fast (seriously -95 of hull with the 2 first gas planet?)
Could u make an option for an "easy game"? like balancing better the events (all the one i took were negative), increase the number of tech discovered (only 3 in about 50 planets visited..) or reducing the consumption? Please make an "easy" mode. I love this game, the ambiance. I'm not a hard player anymore, i can't spend hours on a game like i used to do, but i enjoy having a play of an hour or so, and if i could have more than 10min games before game over it would be great...Let us advance in the game
2) we are on pc so stop make us clicking everywhere for everything...why is there no "take all" button, or simply click to take a stack of elements, or for a change of ships a button to transfer all immediatly...It's seriously disturbing...
3) more texts, musics, screens?
4)balance better the random events? i had only one positive in 2h of playing...
Thank you for answering Smile


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