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Las ressort action (no fuel/oxygen)

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Las ressort action (no fuel/oxygen) Empty Las ressort action (no fuel/oxygen)

Post by Esdeve Thu 15 Oct - 16:07

I arrived in a solar system with almost no fuel. There was a station, so I tried to reach it (without enough fuel). So it ended with a game over since I used the last drop of fuel I had. However, in the background of the end of party pop up, I could see that I were in the station. So I don't know if I have to understand that the game consider that it's the end as soon as fuel=0 even if the move is miraculously done by the player, and so it's a bug and if it was a fuel station I should have continue ; or, if the "bug" is just the displaying of the station background in which I normally can't even get. I leave the decision to you Smile
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