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Impressions, suggestions

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Impressions, suggestions Empty Impressions, suggestions

Post by True_poser Tue 18 Feb - 4:12

First of all, the game is awesome.
I love the art.
I love the Star Control 2 explorer/gatherer feel.
The idea of gradually learning alien language is, well, off the chart.
Oh, why is that "Ok, beta ended, that's all, folks" always yanks me out of the game when I just start to understand them?!

I eagerly wait for the full release.

Well, I like the game as it is, so it's a mere list of suggestions.

1) Starmap lacks zooming out.
It feels right for panning to be limited by telescope range, but being able to zoom out to fit that whole range into screen would be nice.
At the moment I feel somewhat confined.

2) It would be nice to have information about already visited systems (planets, resources if scanned) without interferometer (not sure though, can it fit in smaller screens).
Of course, that information may be fully or partially lost with tech-erasing events.

3) Also, maybe, some automatically assigned names for visited systems?
I believe, a lone and lost cosmonaut will be in mood of giving nostalgic names to alien systems. At least, some resemblance of home.
It would be easier to backtrack, too.

4) Lack of space in a ship is an essential element of game mechanics here.
However, maybe it makes sense to allow player to send probed/mined elements directly to fuel/life support/hull?
"Always fully refuel before probing for fuel" is a necessary habit right now and it may become boring micromanagement during full game length.

5) Lack of space also prevents building and experimenting. Either you find a big ship, either you don't.
Maybe (quite possibly no) it makes sense to allow player to add squares to a ship for a big quantity of metals and a power debuff (forcing the player to spend more fuel)?
Also it'll make choice between an old but upgraded ship and a shiny new one more difficult.
However, I'm quite possibly wrong here.

6) Maybe it makes sense for the game to check if gyroscope orientation is locked system-wide?

Thank you again.


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Impressions, suggestions Empty Re: Impressions, suggestions

Post by MichaelP Tue 18 Feb - 11:30

Thanks for your feedback!
There are some interesting things here and we're definitively going to talk about it internally.


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