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Found Way Back to Earth

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Found Way Back to Earth Empty Found Way Back to Earth

Post by FerencHawke Wed 5 Mar - 21:06

Spoiler Alert.
After a lot of tryes,lots of troubles,runing out of oxigen,my ship destroyed or ran out of oxigen because evry garden world was captured by enemy fleet.I finaly made it into the blackhole and made it back to earth.My first trials was to get to the green one atleast.I was failed a lot of times cause i never suspected that im gona be atacked and almost evry planet they gona protect so without the right technology,ship,supplies my journey ended,but i don't gave up my hopes,the adventure just begun.I traveled for the right side in the galaxy map.Found the best ship with 20slot and a good ecosystem.Found alot of good techs that helped my way to get to the green one.Finaly i made it.I talked to star/judges explained me what happened and the story ended there.I was corious what i find at the red and blue one.I tried my best to get to the red one and when i was there,right at the space station my fuel run out and i was like: are you fkin kiddin me?!?But i tried again and again and again.Made it,again.Learned even more.I was ready to turn star/judges star into a black hole but i was corious about the blue one so i decided to go there first.In the way there i lost my blackhole generator so i can't turn star/judges star into a blackhole but atleast i made to the blue one,but there was nothing.At that point i gaved up that try there.Again i had a lot of try's until i made it.it was a very lucky run i had all the tech i needed i had luck with finding non ocupied garden worlds and i finaly make star/judges into a blackhole and traveled back.it was a very good story and thanks for the game i liked it very much looking for the updates in the future  Very Happy .

A question:Anybody can tell me whats up with the blue one couse i can't do anything there  Rolling Eyes


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