Black Hole/Wormhole Generator Malfunction?

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Black Hole/Wormhole Generator Malfunction?

Post by jendor_keylar on Mon 9 Mar - 7:26

I can't seem to get the Wormhole Generator to work. I've only managed to actually build it on my ship two times out of what feels like a billion attempts, but in both cases I was unable to make it work. I tried to use it at three different Black Holes the first time I had it, but upon entering a system with a Black Hole I could select the Black Hole, but could not enter "Orbit" of it. Clicking "Orbit" did nothing. The second game I was able to try it at two Black Holes with the same result. I feel as if I could get into orbit of a Black Hole the Wormhole Generator would work.

Both times I had at least 2 Omega elements in my cargo.


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Re: Black Hole/Wormhole Generator Malfunction?

Post by MichaelP on Thu 19 Mar - 12:51

Yeah there was a bug preventing orbiting black holes.
It's fixed in the latest update though.

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