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Save/Load Game + Multiplayer mode

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Save/Load Game + Multiplayer mode Empty Save/Load Game + Multiplayer mode

Post by Space_Cowboy Mon 5 Jan - 20:19

I'm really missing the "Save/Load game" feature many people stops playing the game cause it's quite annoying to start from scratch every time.

Brief descriptions for the already visited stars
Would be a good idea also adding a brief description of the planets located on each star on the map after being visited. Its quite hard to remember in which star you have found useful things.

Multiplayer mode
Imagine exploring the space with friends, sharing resources and map info. That would be a 5 stars project!


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Save/Load Game + Multiplayer mode Empty Re: Save/Load Game + Multiplayer mode

Post by archcrono Mon 9 Feb - 1:35

Brief descriptions for the already visited stars
I like this idea but i think it would make more sense if it was a log entry you could look up detailing what append. so if you geomaped a planet then it would tell you the results and how many times mined but if you didn't geomap then the log would leave that info out.

Multiplayer mode
This too i would like to see. It could easily be a race to complete the multilayer mission. you could only communicate with each other to trade but only using words you have learned. So if you haven't learned the word for iron then you can't ask for iron. it would be much like encountering aliens.

one multiplayer mission could be Judges/Architect wants you to destroy a specific opposing players home world and if you do then it will spare your home world.


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