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Oltskul s review

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Oltskul s review Empty Oltskul s review

Post by Oltskul Sun 16 Feb - 0:17

Hi, first of all - sweet game!

Here is my review/suggestions, but I know, it is in development so far.

1) UX: as user of smartphone with small display (3,5"), I would apreciate some option to make buttons little bit larger. or UI in general. Maybe in setting there could be some "□ Small device controlls"

2) UX: when you reviev your technology popup. The colse "X" button scrolls with the content. It is not hussle, but persisten X button, or just klicking out of pop-up windows would be great.

3) Ballance: Fuel/Atmo/Hull is quite hard to master. But in good shape so far!

4) Gameplay: SO FAR, you can travel across the cluster of stars linearly. Maybe, in some distance to "final star system", the distance between starsystems could be larger so you cannot travel there with basic engine. But you need to find ie Engine MK3

5) Gameplay: maybe it is intentional. But if you mine, it would be great, if you cold dump mined Helium/Hydrogen/Iron to processors.
sollution: Easy mode: processors avialbe in mining mode, Hard mode: no processors for you.

6) Gameplay: not so lienear (as mentioned in no. 4)  some side quest, hunting, searching, arrow to the knee..

7) Idea: expanding cargo: You could expand your cargo for some huge price and drawback: 1square: 30 pieces of Iron, 2 pieces of Tungsten and travel will cost flat 2 fuel more.

VIII) Idea: moving your equipment in cargo. For some price. Ie 20 energy, 10 atmo, and some fraction of material cost.

9) Idea: Alien language: I didnt write it down through my gameplays. But i think that alien language is "written". And it would not take long and some people on forum/net will create some dictionary. And fun is Gone :/
Sollution: because you forget all tenchnologies/stars/language before every game. It would be great to prevent dictionary solution with randomly generating alien language. (IMO it would not be that hard, or CPU time consuming, to genrate ie 300 strings before every game...)

(Google for "Random Character Name Generator Diablo" it is on Diablofans forum)

10)  Idea: even more random encounetrs. And "Plantary wide encounters" to lure more people on landing. And just for trolling the people, there should be a garden plannets with... Wait for it... Chlorine atmopehere OLOL Very Happy

11) Idea: Spacestation - Suplying... is it intetional to not know which supplies it will refil?  or it Should be EASY/HARD ssetting

12) Idea: Hardcore/regular/rellaxed mode... ´Nough said.

13) Idea: if you are mining, you should be able to view aviable technologies. If your cargospace is full, you cannot see which elements you need to build certain technology.. Unless you drop some caargo.

14) Bug: if aliens drop Omega piece, and you cargospace is full... the Omega fizzles away..

15) Bug: If your Fuel is empty and you are promted about it. You can chceck cargospace, or take last chamce. But if you check cargo, refuel. Then you travel. The same propmt popup occurs.

17) Development: Croudsourcing - for more ideas. To read something is faster than writing something... And some ideas could be pretty awesome. (and thanks them in closing titles)

16) Development: Please make the ext beta longer more than 15 jumps or so :3 pretty please Smile

man oh man, I love this game so far! The Atmosphere of the game, when you get to tight spot. Awesome feel when thing are going sweet for you.

Thanks for the game so far! I am looking forvard to full game!

and just to kill feew minutes of waiting:

search on Vimeo for vodeo "Telescope" - it is yellovish and blueinsh thumbnail

ps: sorry, but i cannot provide externam links :/

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Oltskul s review Empty Re: Oltskul s review

Post by Oltskul Sun 16 Feb - 0:30

And big props for music and sounds!! :3

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Oltskul s review Empty Re: Oltskul s review

Post by MichaelP Tue 18 Feb - 11:47

Hi Oltskul,
We're glad you're enjoying the game so far Smile
Thanks for taking time to write your feedback.
We're going to look into this.

Just so you know, the alien language is re-generated every new game.
You may find similar words but the meaning may be different.

The video was VERY cool! Loved it !!! Thanks!


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Oltskul s review Empty Re: Oltskul s review

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