Improve fullscreen window implimentation

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Improve fullscreen window implimentation

Post by SirTapTap on Sun 25 Jan - 23:03

Best I can tell the game is using fullscreen windowed mode, but minimizes itself when clicked out (while still playing music). As a multi-monitor user I'd love to be able to leave it open on one monitor or minimize it myself if I prefer, maybe with an option to continue playing music or not when losing focus. As always a normal windowed mode would be good to have too.


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Re: Improve fullscreen window implimentation

Post by MichaelP on Wed 28 Jan - 12:19

Hi SirTapTap.
We'll add window mode/resolutions options.
So everyone will be able to set to suit their taste.

Michael Peiffert
Founder and creative director
Mi-Clos Studio


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