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Blue Ending Victory! - Spoilers

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Blue Ending Victory! - Spoilers Empty Blue Ending Victory! - Spoilers

Post by dactylos Wed 12 Mar - 17:57

Did the blue one. This ship really helped out. It has the most equipment slots of any of the 7 ships so far..even though it is less fuel efficient. Traded the city ship for it (Atlantis Smile). Was actually at a point in the last half where the game moved from one of just surviving to one where exploration and choices were all mine. I could go anywhere and not worry about fuel or oxygen or hull....the hull's damaged in the screenshots, but I could have repaired it with the iron on board...

Have done the green ending....Tried the other ships, but they all had an element of desperation and choice associated due to lack of equipment slots...highly recommend this one.

Just really well done on this game devs...




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