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Got to Red, lost instantly (Spoilers)

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Got to Red, lost instantly (Spoilers) Empty Got to Red, lost instantly (Spoilers)

Post by Weranders Sun 23 Mar - 14:11

I have figured out the game quite well, still I need to restart it on a regular basis. Mostly because I randomly forget drill or hydrogen probe, if that happens you are screwed.

However, I had tau stasis and gravity well installed and hooked up to the space folder, so I could move rather quickly. I stocked up upon Helium, Oxygen and Iron and some Platinum just in case of emergency repairs.

Then, confidently, I got to the red marker.

There I met the death people. They made me forget drill, damaged drill, tau stasis and gravity well, and took my iron, platinum and helium.

Don't panic! With my enhancements of space folder gone every star was out of reach, but I could salvage tau to repair gravity well and get to the next star, only to realize that every planet there was occupied by the enemy. Also there it came to my mind that I don't have anything to salvage to repair the drill which would be needed to gather the resources needed for death seed and wormhole generator.

After severely cursing Mi-Clos and trying to summon the plague upon him and everyone important to him, I damaged my shields and enhancers and flew into the white dwarf.

I started the next game immediately, where I forgot drill on the third star thanks to radiation. Then I went to sleep without smashing my phone.


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