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Beta update : Explore the entire galaxy!

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Beta update : Explore the entire galaxy! Empty Beta update : Explore the entire galaxy!

Post by MichaelP Thu 19 Mar - 11:01

Hi space travelers,
Beta update 6.13 is now available from Humble.
Along with many graphics improvements, new animations and full music implementation, you'll be able to explore the entire content!
We'll keep you updated on the full release date, which is upon us.

Full changelog:

ADDED : Achievements
ADDED : Planet landscapes animations
ADDED : Post-process
ADDED : Right-click option menu to send a resource from the drill bar to the cargo.
ADDED : Artefact on rocky planets
CHANGED : Geoscan detects artefacts
FIXED : Right-click popup menu in ship exchange view
ADDED : New ship 1
ADDED : New ship 2
ADDED : New ship 3
ADDED : Some ships may need unusual resources for maintenance
FIXED : Resource exchange between ships
FIXED : Resource stacking bugs
ADDED : ZQSD / Arrow keys to scroll galaxy map
ADDED : 1 2 3 keys to switch views
ADDED : Broken slots
ADDED : Cutscene / Ending 1
ADDED : Cutscene / Ending 2
ADDED : Cutscene / Ending 3
ADDED : Cutscene / Ending 4
ADDED : Full soundtrack implementation
CHANGED : Galaxy generation
ADDED : Space travel animation
ADDED : Settings menu from pause menu and title screen
ADDED : Space/Return keys to confirm pop-up windows

Michael Peiffert
Founder and creative director
Mi-Clos Studio


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