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Beta 5.1 available - Changelog

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Beta 5.1 available - Changelog Empty Beta 5.1 available - Changelog

Post by geff Wed 11 Feb - 21:08

Out There: Ω Edition Beta 5.1 now available to download from Humble Bundle.



3 specific musics for each star type.
Context menu available from right click on the resources (information, use, split, drop).
Context menu available from right click on the technology (information, repair, repair with omega, dismantle).
Features "Dismantle all" and "Transfer all" in the abandoned SpaceShip view.
Move the galaxy with the arrow keys.
Pause menu appears when ESC key is pressed.
Drill / Probe button in the found resources view.
ESC key and click outside close popups.
Dialog windows are fully clickable, not just the arrows.


Cross fade the sound between the main menu, intro, game, game over.
The scope of space folder is centered on the screen.
Stacking with 20 resource units fills an empty slot on the cargo.
The depth of drilling or probing is memorized.
Animation navigation buttons.


"Down" is displayed in red in the technology popup.
Cube centered in a station.
Cryo cell (intro) fits in width.
The loss of fuel, oxygen or shell (value set to 0) in an adventure no longer causes a game over.
No latency when viewing the galaxy in the tutorial.
Game saved after adventure.
The location of resources in the cargo is correct when they are moved manually in the Spaceship (bug after loading a saved game).
Star's particle system evenly cover it.
Black hole buttons properly sized.
Position and size of cargo in the "Abandoned spaceship" view (especially for 4:3 screens).
"Interplanetary reactor" was not displayed in the list of known technologies.

Hope you'll enjoy it Smile


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