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How to Beat the game

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How to Beat the game Empty How to Beat the game

Post by hhs671 Sat 4 Apr - 18:09

(Might be a spoiler for some)

Hey guys,

First off - Devs, Awesome game! Kudos to you guys.

Second - You, the reader should stop reading this if you don't like any of the following
1) You want to figure out this game the hard way - By which I mean - How the creators intended the game to be enjoyed.
2) This How-to does involve a trick that exploits a loop hole in the design in the game - which might or might not be termed as cheating depending on your moral stand point.
3) I am writing from my own experience of the game and my views are totally independent from that of how the designers of the game might have intended it to be played.
4) This is not a walkthrough - just a few tips that have worked for me to complete all the endings of the game

IF you're cool with that read on.

OUT THERE is a very hard game... I can't count how many times I wanted to hurl my phone against the wall in frustration.

But Ive learnt a few tricks and created a few thumb rules.

1) FUEL-HULL-OXYGEN-Repair : Most times that Ive lost the game was because i ran out of resources. So as a thumb rule always travel with 1 full (or at least half) square of Iron (fe) - this way I can repair my hull or most equipment when it breaks down, at least 2 full squares of Helium(He) or 3 Full squares of Hydrogen (H). Dump other cargo in favour of stocking up on fuel. O2 is usually alright as it replenishes at every habitable planet. But it has happened that Ive run out of air as well. You can reserve one square or O2 (which you can drill at almost any habitable planet if you have free cargo space) but I've never bothered as there's alway a lack of space. Also it is worth mentioning to stock up on as many Omega elements that you can gather - As it can be used to repair equipment in emergencies when you don't have the required resources or it can give 25 fuel, hull, oxygen which can save your life in an emergency. If you don't want to use an entire resource (like the omega element) at a go. You should first click on the resource in the cargo hold and split into the desired ratio (you will need one empty cargo slot to be able to this)

2) Modules : The game is relatively easy until you get attacked by the Death People. After that resources in most systems become inaccessible. The most essential modules that you will absolutely need to beat the game -

- Ansible : Allows you to know if a target system has enemy presence. Only useful after getting attacked by the Death People. But without it the game becomes near impossible.

- Geo Scan : This allows you to scan any planet for the resources that it has before you actually land or launch a probe. This is useful in saving fuel in landing on a planet or probing for fuel to find that there is not much or what you wanted. Or when you need only a particular resource to build a module. It also scans for anomalies on rocky planets - which means you would learn a new technology when you land on the planet.

- Ultraprobe : Allows you to mine suns for Fuel. Especially useful after Death People Attack as the one resource that runs out the fastest is fuel - and no matter what system (except a black hole of course) you go to, you can always mine the sun. But flying into the sun damages the hull pretty badly. So you would need a shield generator and any of the shield enhancement modules to be able to mine the sun. You might end up destroying your ship and loosing the game if you attempt to mine a Sun without a shield generator module

- 1 Space folder and interplanetary reactor add-on module : You will need any one of the add-ons for these two and the sooner you get them installed the better. Going for the second module is something that I would not recommend as it takes up precious cargo space and the pay off isn't that significant.

- Interferometer (I'm not sure if that is spelt right) : This tells you which system has what planets orbiting it, so you may choose to fly to systems that have the resources you require. It also scans for anomalies like space stations or abandoned ships.

- Death Seed : The death seed is used to destroy entire stars and all planets and life in that system and converts it into a black hole. You will need 1 Omega everytime you do this. This is required if you want to go for the Blue Ending. And you have to get it before you get attacked by the Death People. If you don't, the only two other ways i know - is hope to learn that technology as you travel on (but that becomes incredibly difficult as your options shrink considerably after the attack as most planets become inaccessible) or you have to go to the Red Ending where you will be given that Technology.

- Wormhole Generator - This is pretty optional, but a very optimum way to travel fast. Using this tech and the Omega element you can Jump from one black hole to any other black hole in your telescope range using no fuel at all. Other users have reported that you need only one Omega element for the jump and the subsequent jumps are free, however in my case every jump cost me an omega.

There are a whole bunch of other Tech that you will learn on the way, but to me the above mentioned are extremely critical. It is als prudent to build these techs as soon as possible and definitely before the attack as any tech that is not installed is vulnerable to getting wiped from the database by freak occurrences and during the attack. Even tech that is installed can be wiped from the database, but it doesn't destroy the already installed tech nor does it impair your ability to repair it when its broken.

3) Building modules next to the module that it depends on increases its efficiency (works only for the first add-on) and gets marked in the cargo hold by a blue square and power flowing into the master module. If you have the resources to dismantle the master module and rebuild it so that you can position it next to the dependant module, do that.

4) SHIPS : Grab the biggest ship you can find. the sphere is the biggest one followed by the Castle - I believe you need one of these to have enough space for tech and basic resources. Also you can dismantle modules for resources on other ships that you do not intend to take over.

5)NEXT is the part that is to me on the fence as being a cheat. So if you think you want to give the game a shot with the info so far - Best of Luck. Otherwise read on.

The only way Ive been able to beat the game easily is using this simple trick (I've successfully completed the green and blue ending before I figured this trick out). When ever you warp into a star system, the game auto-saves and it doesn't auto-save until you warp into the next star system. So by quitting the game in any star system without warping out and resuming the game again wipes out anything that has happened on that star system.

Using this simple loop hole you can warp into any star system scout around for resources and then if you're not happy with what you've done, quit the game and resume again.

Things to know before you use this exploit.
The resources of the planets remain more or less the same after every reset. Damage to hull visiting gas planets or suns varies slightly every reset.
The tech on anomaly rocky planets keep changing. So if you're not happy with the tech you get - reset. But if you collect a tech and reset it will not be saved.
The Questions and tech and requirements with alien encounters change every reset. You can get an omega or a different question with different barter deals every reset.
MOST IMPORTANT - If you use any resource BEFORE you visit the first planet on any star system - that resource will be GONE after the reset and you will also loose any effect from the use of that resource. SO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH RESOURCE TO GET TO THE FIRST PLANET BEFORE YOU WARP IN. Any thing you do from the time you visit the first planet is not saved.

Thats it. Happy Gaming!!


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