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BUG: Tutorial bugs

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BUG: Tutorial bugs Empty BUG: Tutorial bugs

Post by Ghostifish Sun 2 Feb - 16:32

I've found two different bugs with the tutorial... one causes the game to effectivly lock up preventing any further progress, the other disables the tutorial entirely.

Bug 1: The lock up.
Start a new game, proceed through the tutorial as normal, without issue. When the tutorial is complete, give up and start a new game. Do the tutorial AGAIN. When you press the OK button to accept the space folder technology, the message doesn't go away but the green "Tap the System Map button" message appears. From here its impossible to continue. Only option is to exit with back button.

Bug 2: No tutorial
Start a new game and SKIP the tutorial. Give up and start a new game. Don't skip the tutorial, instead press continue to read through the into messages. After the big "Out There" logo, the game proceeds as if you pressed skip instead of starting the tutorial.


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BUG: Tutorial bugs Empty Re: BUG: Tutorial bugs

Post by MichaelP Tue 4 Feb - 10:12

Thanks for reporting.
We're working on it!


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