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Bug with ship

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Bug with ship Empty Bug with ship

Post by Raiden Tue 4 Aug - 11:59

Hi! Smile
I'm new player of this game and I can't stop playing since yesterday it's insane!
Well I had a really disappointing experience at one of my best run : I found the ship with humans inside (funny because it somehow force me to send them to space, poor humans...) anyway I get the ship and continue until I found the same ship again!
After playing some long run I can say that maybe this is the first bug because I only met this ship once in my other adventures. Anyway, after transferring to new ship, it was impossible to see the ship stuff when I click on the button and same when I use probe or anything so I died because I couldn't refill fuel and couldn't put the stuff I get in my ship. (there was all the normal stuff on the window but invisible ship). I hope you can fix that even if it's really situational bug it seems.


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