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Ship's bad status icon.

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Ship's bad status icon. Empty Ship's bad status icon.

Post by Esdeve Mon 9 Mar - 23:26

There usually appears a twinkling exclamation icon on the ship-view button. I may have misunderstood things here, but if I understand well it's to indicate there is an equipment to repair if broken, or replace if totally destructed. Maybe when some HUD status is bad too.

So there may be a bug here, because it happens often, whenever the ship is totally fine. Or it's kept even when all is back to good shape.

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Ship's bad status icon. Empty Re: Ship's bad status icon.

Post by jendor_keylar Tue 10 Mar - 4:34

I have experienced this during several play-through attempts as well. I seem to notice it more often after "continuing" as opposed to "new game" or "quick start" attempts.


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