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Another zoom crash.

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Another zoom crash. Empty Another zoom crash.

Post by Esdeve Sat 7 Mar - 17:45

Other zoom problem, quite similar, related or not, to the "Star map stops zooming/scrolling" subject. But since I had my telescope, it may not be.
Just after passing from star system view to universe view, the zoom gone berserk.

To give proportions idea, I was on a giant blue star, the zoom kept focusing on it, but, well, the only thing I could see was the 2/3 top part of the star itself. Good to make a one-star wallpaper (I have a screen if needed).

Impossible to zoom/unzoom, or look up/down/right/left. Going back to star system screen then return on universe one did'nt make anything.

Bug was gone after restarting the game, then loading saved game.


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Another zoom crash. Empty Re: Another zoom crash.

Post by MichaelP Thu 19 Mar - 12:53


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