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Limitless Omega

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Limitless Omega Empty Limitless Omega

Post by Bifford Sun 30 Mar - 21:22

Generally, the only way to get Omega is to interact with an alien settlement, and each alien world will only give you Omega once. Every other resource that a planet can provide gets replenished every time the player revisits the system, so if you run out of fuel you can always backtrack to a good source. There should be a source of Omega that replenishes itself. I got stuck on a game because I needed Omega to blow up the villain's star, but I had exhausted every available alien world that wasn't occupied by the barbarians. I am not saying the supply should be plentiful, just inexhaustible.


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Limitless Omega Empty Re: Limitless Omega

Post by ORB1T4L Fri 18 Apr - 2:06

Hm... how about no ? The game would lose all interest...


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