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Alien world bug.

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Alien world bug. Empty Alien world bug.

Post by Khelarald Sun 20 Apr - 18:35

Hi, I'd love to give some feedback to improve this great game. I'll try to post any bug I find or any suggestion I may come up with.

I was in an alien world and the alien asked me some hidrogen (I knew t was hidrogen, because I knew the word), it turned out I haven't got any so I pushed "Cancel" button in order to take some and come back. When I returned, I pushed again to talk with them and then, the game kind of bugged: I couldn't do any actions but giving up and restart game. I suggest the possibility of delay the negotiation with aliens without getting them angry or passive.


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Alien world bug. Empty Re: Alien world bug.

Post by KinoftheFlames Tue 22 Apr - 18:19



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