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Nerby, but unselectionable star.

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Nerby, but unselectionable star. Empty Nerby, but unselectionable star.

Post by Esdeve Sun 1 Mar - 23:13

I didn't know if I had to post in bug or UI, but what follows happened one or two times :
I encountered stars so close one from the other, it was impossible to select the second while visiting the first.

Here was probably just a malfunction, but in the same time, even if I can imagine the telescope and travel engine ranges can increased during the game, we can now think there might be unreachable one because too far from any other place.

Then you may add minimal and maximal distance between the different locations to the map generation process, making none of them unreachable, even if some solitary stars may be only visited end game with max travel range obtained.

Here are the screens :
Ah, nope, looks like there is no screen possible for me.


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Nerby, but unselectionable star. Empty Re: Nerby, but unselectionable star.

Post by geff Wed 4 Mar - 12:17

Hi Esdeve,

we know this problem.
Minimum distance is a good solution for this problem.


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