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Drilling a star.

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Drilling a star. Empty Drilling a star.

Post by Esdeve Sun 1 Mar - 23:50

I had the chance to find a ship with an already installed, uh, in english, it may be ultraprobe ? ultrasensor ? (ultrasonde). So I happily went near a star to test my new toy.
Without thinking about the absence of background for the star approach screen I posted on elsewhere, I launched the thing to check if it will be a good investment in my futures games ... Well, for the moment it looks like it's not, but the problem is not there :
After the harvest of fuel, the screen shows off the usual "terminate", but the "launch sensor" button was replaced by the "drill" one, as if I was on a rocky planet. Using it didn't result in anything.


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Drilling a star. Empty Re: Drilling a star.

Post by geff Wed 4 Mar - 12:14

Hi Esdeve,

Ok I check that.


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