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Post by VitiminC Sat 10 Jan - 6:28

Not sure if the omega versions is meant to replace the current phone game but these are the things i beleive will make the game more fun.
1) Add a more powerfull method to replenish the hull, such as the use of platinum/silicon/carbon that repleneshes double the amount.
2) Add the ability to increase storage, By this i mean some spaceships may have the ability to increase the storage size to 50/ or implement a module that can increase it to this amount as well.
3) remove some cut scenes such as the flying to a different solar system etc.
4) add the ability to upgrade your tools. My favourite game as a young child was a mining game where you could upgrade your drills and etc but with this you could access a menu after you click on a universal button or click on the item you want to upgrade directly, but my idea is that you could drag iron or any material the developer chooses into a slot within the upgrade menu, and it would increase the amount of minerals recieved after drilling or decrease the amount of fuel used. Also you could upgrade modules that increase ecosystem/power/resistence.


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