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Post by Xenomorph Sun 11 May - 2:54

I have played this awesome game for a while now and really enjoy it. However the are a few things I would do differently so here are my ideas to do with as you please.

1 ) Stats screen. It would be cool if I could look at the statistics of my multiple play throughs. Eg. total games played, total ships found, total upgrades made etc.

2 ) Immersive-mode for the android. I often find myself hitting the android back button out of habit and taking myself out of game. Obviously this ruins the immersion and it would be nice to use that little bit of extra screen space for the game.

3 ) Animation - A few slight animation tweaks such as the ones I mention in THIS post would go a long way to making the game look more sharp.

4 ) Back Button. When I enter the tech list the only way to get back to the previous screen is a X button at the top of the list which means I have to swipe a few times to get to it. In the picture below you can see a back arrow in the background. Why not have this instead and have it stay in place as the list moves.
9 Suggestions 2014-010

5 ) Un-Deletable Tech - The thing that annoys me the most is when my game comes to an end because one of the schematics for my starting technologies (eg. Space folder, Interplanetary Reactor, Telescope, Probe or Drill) is randomly deleted. I know this is roguelike and its supposed to be random but this is a douche move.

6 ) Enemies - Speaking of douche moves if there are enemies in the game who can attack me then why not give me the option to fight back? When enemies appear it sometimes feels like 90% of the planets have been taken over. Either this percentage needs to go down or I need a way to fight back. A laser cannon or way to teleport there ship in to a sun would be nice.

The next few ideas are kinda questionable as I know people are going to say that these will make the game too easy but they make sense.

7 ) Use Dug up/ Probed Materials Instantly. If I can refuel my tank via flying through a cloud (as happened in one text instance) then I should be able to use the materials I dig up instantly. Too many times I have dropped fuel even though my tanks were running dry because I only had one space left in the ship.

8 ) New Ship Tech. If I get a new ship and it has tech on it that I don't have schematics for I should instantly receive those schematics. I got schematics for Solar Sails from seeing a probe use them I should be able to get the schematics from the seeing the things on my ship too. And while we are on the subject if I can syphon fuel from an derelict ship yard I should be able to syphon resources from a abandoned ship too.

9 ) Can you add to the tutorial that when you put certain technologies next to one another it improves performance (Eg. placing solar sails next to the interplanitary reactor).I only found this out after playing through lots of times and doing it by accident.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. It took me a while to compile so I hope it is useful in future updates.

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Post by MichaelP Sat 24 May - 15:16

Thanks for your feedback.
In the next update, we'll have vital techs un-deletable.


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Post by boonxeven Tue 23 Sep - 15:44

For number 1, I'd love to be able to see my current score/stats in the game before ending. Making it accessible from the pause menu would work well. Stats overall would be cool to see too.

For number 7, I don't think this would make the game too easy. You should be able to use what you get as you get it.

For number 8, I completely agree on both parts. It could be that it requires an omega to dismantle a technology and learn it, or something like that. I'd also love to be able to get the oxygen and fuel from another ship.


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